I Love Dalkey Campaign

Dalkey Business Group

I Love Dalkey campaign

Dalkey Business Group, founded in 2010, is a non-profit organisation established to promote the development of business and entrepreneurship in the town of Dalkey. At the time, our business was located in Dalkey and the business group asked us to create a brand identity for Dalkey Business Group and a promotional and marketing campaign under the I Love Dalkey banner. We designed the iconic I Love Dalkey logo and followed it up with a range of merchandise including t-shirts, shopping bags and post cards. A key initiative of the group is the I Love Dalkey Loyalty Card, which we designed as well a monthly e-zine that was sent to all subscribers to the card highlighting offers available in the town.

“Niall designed the I Love Dalkey logo and full brand identity for Dalkey Business Group. Niall gets it! He understands customers and delivers great design”.
Jason McChesney
Business & Executive Coach
Chairperson, Dalkey Business Group, 2011