History of HB Ice Cream


The History of HB – 80 years of Ireland’s favourite ice cream

Having spent many summer afternoons slowly strolling back from the shop in Ballygarrett to the beach in Cahore, trying to make the 3d wafer last as long as possible, and been brought up on the pint brick after Mass it is safe to say, that like a great many of our population, HB was ingrained in my childhood – long before the concept of brand loyalty was ever invented. So, it goes without saying that when we were approached by the authors on behalf of Unilever to design this book our excitement was reminiscent of the fateful day we attempted a 9d wafer. Working closely with the authors, Paul Mulhern and Kieran Fagan, we produced a richly illustrated 144 page hard-backed book. We also ate a lot of Shepherd’s Pie while discussing the merits of the Super Split and the demise of left wing politics in Ireland, but that’s another story.